IWB: Interactive WhiteBoard

I’ve never thought that using a whiteboard in classroom could be a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love using new technology, but those boards look complicated to use.

Everytime I see a teacher  using it, something goes wrong. The teacher wants to click and scroll down a page and he ends up zooming out or in and lose his idea while getting the board back in place.

I always keep an open mind on new things and made a few research. I found a lot of interesting things about these boards. The first one and probably the most interresting is that you can take notes directly on the board while you tech the students. But not only you can take notes, you can save these notes with all the writings and drawings the teacher added in class. Then you can send these notes to your students or keep them to see what has been learned or print it out for students.

There are more advantages to use whiteboards in the classsroom. Although it is expensive, a whiteboard can save your school some money. Buying one whiteboard is cheaper than buying a few computers by classroom.

In addition, it is perfect for students’ classroom participation. Students look like they love to play on the board. It allows all the students to participate at the same time. When one student is up front, all the others are looking at what he does trying to help him if he does an error.

Because I am an ESL teacher there is an activity I prefer and it is the revealing vocabulary activity. It allows the teacher to practice vocabulary covered in previous classes or to introduce new vocabulary. It is pretty easy to build. All you have to do is write words with pictures of the word above it. Then you hide the words by using a white shape. Then you erase the shape and slowly reveal the word. It is all shown here.

To conclude this post I would like to say that I changed my mind about whiteboards. They look more and more atractive to me. The only thing is that I need practice. Like everything else, practice makes perfect!

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