Useful Youtube

Do you remember when you were a kid and the teacher would screen a movie for a whole afternoon? Well, it looks like videos are more useful than we think. There are a lot of ways to use Youtube in a classroom and still teach the kids.

A lot of teachers will use it as a reward for students. I think it is a good way to motivate children to behave and do their activities. What a privilege for students to watch their favorite videos with their classsmates on a huge screen using the classroom projector. It is also a good way for a teacher to fill the last five minutes of his class if his students are all done with their work. Nobody is fool enough to start a new activity with only five minutes left on the clock.

It is also a good way to start a project with your students. If I had to introduce a new subject or give my students a research project, I would prefer to show them a video explaining the subject that will only take a few minutes of my time instead of reading or make my students read about it. I don’t know what it is about screens, but students tend to be less agitated and more focused when there is a screen involved instead of a boring teacher.

In fact, you can do talk and present a video at the same time. You can integrate Youtube videos inside a Powerpoint presentation. To be more effective with Youtube in your classroom, all you have to do is create your own channel and you can build a playlist with all the videos you want to show your students. It will never be deleted. That way, the teacher can use year after year.

Using Youtube opens the door to a lot of activities that a teacher can do with his students. I could have my students doing a project and insted of making an oral presentation they could make a Youtube video out of it. They would upload it to a classroom channel for students by students. That way, everything is archived and videos can be watched again and again.

Some teachers use Youtube to put online lessons they did in class. It’s good for students who might want to do exercices again or just understand something they didn’t get the first time.

The other to see Youtube as a tool to use at home for students is to put content that need to be watched by students before class. There is a science teacher named Ramsey Musallam (this is his other channel for teachers)  who does that. When the students get in class, they already know what will be covered and they save a lot of time. The more time the students have to do exercises, the more they retain the information. Plus, it doesn’t feel like they are studying on doing homeworks because it is part of their routine to browse on Youtube.

Even youtube has  join the educational party. They have a Youtube site only for educational purposes. I don’t know how many hours of my time I have lost watching videos on EDU Youtube.

There would be a lot more to say about Youtube in a classroom and I can’t find anything wrong about it. Students are used to waste their time on Youtube. Why not use their time on Youtube in a constructive way. That is what I’m aiming for and I will certainly use Youtube in my classroom.


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