Touch and Learn

Everybody is getting used to touch screens. Everybody is doing it with their smart phones and tablets. Students of all ages are now comfortable with this type of technology. Schools should prepare to buy a few iPads to help students learn. It can now only be positive to add an iPad to a student’s development.

There are a lot of good reasons to put iPads in classroom. Every students who start a new project will always start by making reasearch. You have to imagine that any research is standing at the tip of your students’s fingers. It can also be used to find a difficult word in an online dictionnary.You also have to remember that these iPads make a school more eco-friendly. Do you have an idea of how much paper a school can save in a year by using these devices? No textbooks, no print outs and no loose sheet of papers. Schools could save a lot by using e-books and it is easy for students to take notes right in the book, highlite or find a difficult worrd in a dictionnary. Can a student do this in a school textbook? The answer is no…

The tools on an iPad can give a teacher a lot of ideas for new projects. Every iPad has a camera and there are applications that allows you to draw or write straight on the pad with your fingers. Students can create a small comic book by taking pictures and writing dialogues. It helps them with their writing skills and they can have fun at the same time by  taking pictures and putting up sets and costumes. After that they can save it and e-mail their project to the teacher. I would try to use it at its full potential.

It has been said that interactive white boards can be really helpfull with kids who have learning difficulties or a handicap. It helps students to play with words and touch to drag them in the right spot. Tablets work with the same pattern except for the fact that each student can use one. This kind of learning can be very interactive. There is an application on iPad which is called Proloquo2Go. This application say what you type. This can help students who have difficulty to talk with others or death/mute students. It is simple and fast to use. It anticipate the words you type in or has preset words and allows you to save your sentences for further uses.

There are a lot of uses for iPads in a classroom. I could prepare my class with instructions, projects, activities and notes. All there is left to do is sending it by e-mail to students and they can even read it before geting into class and then there is more time to learn! There are also a lot of applications you can use to practice grammar, listening activities and vocabuary exercises. I browsed a little on the Apple Appstore and found around twenty interesting free ESL applications in about three minutes.

In conclusion, using iPads can be really useful for students and teacher. Do you remember when you were young and it was sunny outside? Everybody wanted to go and have classs outside. Well, it is now possible. As long as you get a wi-fi signal. Tablets are, by now, he most versatile tool a student/teacher can have.


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