Being On a Quest!

I had a webquest to create this week. I thought it would be a good idea to blog about it.I had a lot of fun desinging my website at first an then i started creating my quest and had a blast.

If you don’t know what a webquest is, you should have a look at this website. The ultimate goal of a webquest is to have sstudents doing a meaningful task that is not directly linked to the subject they are studying but use it. Moreover, the information used by the learner mostly comes from the internet(as called a WEBquest…). 

The basic point is that you create an activity that has a final and ultimate goal that is called a task. The journey a student takes on a webquest is built around many steps that is called the process.

The best thing about a webquest, according to me, is that the students learn by themselves. The teacher who created the quest is there to help but the students can mostly do the job by themselves. The teacher find some creative, fun, and useful websites that explains to students what they need to do to complete the task.

Another good thing about a webquest is that it helps students to use technology (a.k.a computers and internet). For those who are computer freaks, it is fun for them. Every kid would prefer doing a ‘homework’ on a computer using the internet rather than open a boring book and write a paper. 

This site is a gold mine for teachers who are ready to give their first webquest to students. They are ready to use if you can’t design your own yet. The good thing about webquests is that they are all almost free of rights. Teachers let other teachers use or adapt their designed webquests.

If you are ready to design your own webquest, here‘s a website that explain the types of tasks you can use and also gives you a few examples.

A STRONGLY recommand you to use webquest with your students. They love being on a computer and they have much research to do. It is also really motivating for students to do something by themselves. They can also do it at home as a homework.

Have a good time!





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