Social networks?

I was browsing teachers’ blogs when I found this one. It is true that facebook can be a teacher’s worst enemy, even his nemesis. This blog proposes some way to fight social networks. Instead, we, as teachers, should embrace social networks and use them as a teaching tool.

The first thing that popped in my head was the safety issues. As a teacher, I don’t want my students spying on my facebook page. There are a few ideas to keep it safe between students and teacher. A teacher ca create a professional account that he uses with his students. The students can do the same. They may be shy about having their English teacher browsing through their party pictures. Why don’t they create a student account. I guess the best tough is for students to use their main account (I’ll explain later). If you do not believe me yet, there is an whole article on e-safety here.

There are aa lot of ways to use social networks with ESL students. You can use a facebook page as a place to drop assignment. If you want students to use it often, don’t put assignments on the page, put bonus assignments that get students binus points. You can also use it to give some notes to students in advance. They read it at home and it gives you more practice time in class. It feels like using a blog page (as I wrote before). The difference is that Facebook feels more like a two way communication page. You can find more tips here

Moreover, students don’t use blogs so much. But, they seem to spend their whole life on their Facebook page. If you want something to be seen by your students, post it on Facebook. That is why I suggest for your students to use their personal account. They will always get notifications. You will be part of their routine!

Just like making a Google document together, your students can do creative writing with Twitter. They each write a line. All you need is to create your own hashtag (#Lucy’sclass).

They can also use the class’s Facebook page to share their work and get some feedback from other students. This will be a positive experience. Students can also discuss together or with the teacher if they encounter some difficulties.

I found a lot more information on this website. There are many useful links. I hope you enjoy your online experience! Your students will be really happy about it!


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