I’m Glogging it!

I found last week an awesome tool to use with young kids. It is called Glogster. Do you remember how dull powerpoint presentation can be? Well, I can. I also remember the expression: death by powerpoint. How can you create interest in young peolple’s mind with a black on white visual support. Glogster to the rescue!

Glogster is an amazing tool you can use to create posters over the internet. These posters can be used like powerpoint slides, but cooler.  You can even make them interactive (see the one with the whales). These allows student to get very creative with their visual support. You can also insert videos straight from youtube.

There are a lot of upsides to this incredible tool. It is fun, creative, keeps students up to date with technoloy, etc.

For teaches, it is a way to have visual support without boring the students. A teacher coruld also create a webquest by using a glogster. A teacher can also gice an assesment where a student do a resesarch and exposes his findings on a glogster and present it for 5 minutes. It is fun and creative for the students. So it is for te teacher!

I tried it with my friend. We both did three posters and voted who had the best. We had the same three subjects and didn’t come up with the same posters at all. I think that is because ever student think differently. That means you can have your class researching the same subject and each presentation would have something different. That is fun for a teacher!

I hope I convinced you to use it. At least do it for your students. It is fast and really fun. I guess they also prefer to present their in front of the class when they have something pretty to show.

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